Enrolment Procedure

  • Information Desk. Freshmen & Transferees: Secure information on courses, school fees and admission.
  • Information Desk. Freshmen & Transferees: Submit requirements and present all accomplished forms. Fill up properly.
  • Admission Desk. Freshmen & Transferees: Submit requirements and present all accomplished forms for checking. Wait for your temporary student number.
  • Admission Desk. Old students: Present accomplished forms and clearance from previous semester.
  • Advising. All students: Consult department head / Dean / Representative on subjects to enroll.
  • Registrar. All students: Have your subjects verified.
  • Assessment. Old students: Account verification & assessment of tuition fee.
  • Cashier. All students: Pay assessed fee.
  • Admission Desk. All students: Present official receipt to the admission officers and wait for the printed official enrolment/registration form (yellow for non-allied courses, white for allied).
  • Registrar. Allied students: Have your enrollment form validated
  • Supply Center. Freshmen & Transferees: Apply for school ID & physical examination.
  • Supply Center. Old students: Present ID for validation.

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